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Here at Revolution Automotive & LPG we take pride in our level of customer service that we offer all of our customers. We take pleasure in ensuring that your experience with us is first class by keeping you up to date along the way with your service ensuring no surprises at bill time.

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Word of Mouth

5.0 Stars

based on 61 Reviews

5 STARS - johnr405

Stefan and the whole crew at Revolution ARE a revolution to me! After 60 years of driving in many countries, I can say that I’ve never experienced service like it in auto care anywhere. The other comments here all read like typical fake customer recommendations on the Internet, but they are real. I’ve had a horror experience with my old Holden Berlina since installing gas at another “gas expert”. Time and again the team at Revolution have “gone the extra mile” for me. The only test of a business is what they do when something goes wrong! GO THERE. USE THEM. TRUST THEM.

5 STARS - tony-kerrya

Visiting Caloundra for the long weekend, our car broke down and had to be towed by RACQ {excellent service from them}to Revolution Auto. Stephan and his team bent over backwards to get our car back on the road. Loaded our things into one of their cars and drove us to our accommodation. Got the best price for the parts he needed, shuffled other jobs around,did an amazing job mechanically and sent Amy back to pick us up so we could collect our car. Old fashioned service, workmanship and friendliness is not dead you can find it at Revolution Automotive & LPG. Stephan's mechanical knowledge is second to none. We highly recommend them to anyone.

5 STARS - adams520

Revolution Automotive are a great mechanic. Great service and great quality. Needed to replace the gearbox. They looked for the best quality at a great price for me. Had several other problems that needed fixing. They were happy to help and went that extra mile to make sure I was able to keep the price down. Top quality, great team. Highly recommended. Cheers guys

5 STARS - keldan41

Great personalised customer service and quality workmanship all at a great price. An added bonus of a free wash and vacuum included with every service. We were very impressed and highly recommend. Revolution will be our go to service provider/mechanic from now on.

5 STARS - ricp166

I am not a blogger I don't tweet I hate texting would rather talk but I am compelled to write this Here it is I have been going to the same mechanic for over ten years he recently charged me over $800 to fix what wasn't broken over a period of a month . The car still had problems took car to revolution as my car is log and fuel Nathan the workshop manager opened the bonnet and said there it is a cracked solenoid you would have to be blind not to see that This guy figured out my problem by opening the bonnet I had some other issues with the car and Nathan got me back on the road His diagnosis excellent Amy receptionist drove me home while car in shop I believe matt picked me up in my car to not include a taxi fair At the end of the day the owner took time too shake my hand And I come from a handshake era In all I don't blow sunshine up someone's arse if they don't deserve it But go to revolution your problem will be fixed and you won't pay for stuff you don't need fixing They related to me before working on the car and I told them what I can afford In short take your car to revolution and stop being ripped off


5.0 Stars

based on 18 Reviews

5 STARS - Kerryn Saffioti

Revolution is absolutely amazing! They go above and beyond the call of duty. The guys at Revolution (Stefan & Nathan) are ethical and extremely professional. The guys here will tell you the exact needs of your car and what needs to be repaired/serviced nothing less, nothing more. We’ve had a fantastic experience here. The guys at Revolution do great work, and offer a great service you know that you will get professional work at a fair and realistic price, they’re not in the game to rip you off and not see you return, it’s only work that your vehicle actually needs that gets done. Couldn’t find a better and more reliable business. Good ole business values here. Thank you!


Moving to a new state is hard but finding a new mechanic is harder. After having a problem with the lock on my tailgate I started ringing mechanics to try to find someone to have a look at my car. It may sound silly but with a broken lock do you go to a mechanic or a locksmith. Each one I rang treated me as if I was stupid until I spoke to Nathan at Revolution he was happy to explain and answer my questions I took the car in and he even had a quick look at the lock on the spot, turned out it was just a slightly bent. Piece of metal which he bent back into place and sent me on my way.. Free of charge!!! Yep a Mechanic who cares and dosen't charge through the roof!! I am now on my second visit for a separate issue and ice again these guys are fantastic took in my broken car and had it back the next day even though they were crazy busy! Love the service thanks so much to Nathan and the crew at Revolution.

5 STARS - Ruby Paul

Only place I have ever recommended to family, friends, strangers ect. From the wonderful customer service to the excellent service on my car I will never go anywhere else thanks REVOLUTION

5 STARS - Mel Gladstone

I am exceptionally happy with the service I had on my car today. Staff were friendly & helpful & I feel like a received a quality, professional & honest job on my vehicle. Will definitely recommend others to try these guys. Keep up the good work Revolution

5 STARS - Peter Coughlin

I had the same mechanic for thirty five years Sydney and tried a few on the sunny coast looking for a similar relationship. I still ring my mechanic in Sydney and explain my problems and what price I should pay for parts and work. Very happy with Stef and his team. Thank you.

Rachelle Schubert

Treated me with total professional customer service and not just another woman that they think knows nothing about cars (little do they know I have serviced a car before and probs know more then some men, but I did not have to explain that). Very friendly and honest people. They understood my situation and serviced my car to what I asked of them. I would highly recommend these guys to any woman that has had bad experiences with mechanics, or anyone. This will be my preferred place to go with my car for anything. Thank you guys, a very happy customer. Thanks heaps!

Henry Green

Good morning Stefan, The Territory runs perfectly, so much better, thank you. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all you work to get it back to how it should be. Many thanks!